This page is quite random and has all my favorite links, resources and items I like on and off the mat! I’ll do my best to keep it organized as much as possible 🙂

A beginner’s stop for yoga info

What is yoga all about? A basic overview.

There are quite a few different styles of yoga. The websites below give a good breakdown of each kind. Hope you find one you like 🙂

14 styles of yoga explained briefly

Beginner’s Guide to styles of yoga

Which type of yoga is right for you?

Intrigued? Further reading and books

Yep – Wiki’s info on yoga – it’s quite detailed actually!

Yoga timeline – Historical information on the origins of yoga

American Association of Yoga- Yoga Information

How Yoga Works – A lovely and moving book about a young Buddhist monk and her experience in a village in India

Light on Yoga – An essential yoga bible! Written by the venerable B.K.S Iyengar – this was one of the first books that helped introduce yoga to the Western world.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika – The classic manual on Hatha Yoga written MANY years ago by Svatmarama. It’s among the most influential surviving texts on the Hatha yoga.

My Yoga Learning and Teaching  homes

My training grounds


World in Motion Dance

My Favorite Yoga Goodies

My all-time favorite yoga mat

A soothing gel I like to use on my students and myself – helps bring warmth to the muscles and assists in relaxing them.

Blocks to help with yoga asanas – I found these to have the right amount of sturdiness and softness.

Straps to help stretch, lengthen and strengthen!

Stay tuned – more to come!


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